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Road Inventory & Condition Assessments

Whether your need is for a large-scale network survey, a local road system survey or ride quality test, ARRB offers quality data collection, using our trusted Hawkeye platform.

ARRB has built up extensive network survey experience over its many years of operation. This experience translates into the provision of accurate, reliable and timely data, in accordance with national and international standards.

ARRB provides the highest quality outputs to ensure our clients are getting the data they need to make informed decisions about their network.

Well documented validation, verification and quality systems ensure easy collection and reliable end results.

Outputs include:

  • cracking parameters;
  • longitudinal profile;
  • transverse profile;
  • roughness;
  • rutting;
  • texture;
  • cross-fall;
  • slope;
  • grade; and
  • asset and pavement images.

Hawkeye 2000Services offered:

  • Automated pavement surface assessments
  • Automatic crack detection surveys
  • Geometry and mapping surveys
  • Roadside inventory and asset management
  • Road safety assessment
  • Airport runway maintenance
  • Quality assurance

Hawkeye 2000ARRB’s flagship survey system, the Hawkeye platform, integrates today’s best data collection technologies into a single system.

With these services, clients are able to:

  • Objectively make decisions based on current data
  • Understand their network from a technical standpoint
  • Conduct virtual site inspections from their desk
  • Review data and create custom reports
  • Compare multiple data streams simultaneously
  • Exports data to many formats – databases, GIS, XML, HDM4, etc.

Hawkeye-2000-3Backed by ARRB’s multi-disciplinary staff of engineers and researchers to tackle each client’s individual needs, ARRB provides:

  • Various vehicle configurations for customized surveying options
  • Multiple outputs collected in a single pass
  • Trained professionals available for customized visual rating and post-survey processing, completed using the Hawkeye Processing Toolkit
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