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Geometry Mapping

ARRB’s specially designed Hawkeye Gipsi-Trac is a vehicle-mounted system that allows the accurate and continuous collection of road geometry. The system records and combines inertial data from gyroscopes, accelerometers and a distance sensor with a GPS position. Built in dead-reckoning sensors allow for position data to be recorded when in tunnels, under bridges and locations with little or no GPS coverage. The following parameters can be collected:

Mapping 5 - Gipsi FixOutputs:

  • Horizontal curvature
  • Vertical curvature
  • Grade
  • Cross slope
  • Initially corrected GPS
  • Distance

It outputs data in a variety of customizable geographic projection systems that allow the user to export the data in their GPS native format, with no conversions necessary. The Hawkeye Processing Toolkit software ensures that the survey data can be reviewed and processed quickly and efficiently. The data from each module can then be compared against other results and exported to most pavement and asset management systems.


  • Road geometry and position for 3D mapping
  • Operates in all locations:
    • Inside tunnels
    • Under bridges
    • Highly vegetated or mountainous regions
  • Locate potential sites for rainfall ponding
  • Conformance to design specifications

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