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Asset Inventory

ARRB’s calibrated imagery system and user friendly interface allows for the identification and measurement of road inventory items which are clearly visible within the survey camera’s field of view. Asset inventory surveying can be undertaken on a small municipal road, or a large-scale network, with all data and imagery collected using the Hawkeye Digital Imaging System. All collected data is spatially referenced and can be exported into a variety of formats.

Within the Hawkeye suite of analysis software, images can be stitched together, for area, length and height measurements on-screen. Any point within the calibration pane can be geo-referenced, and all images are stored as .JPEG files. The software can be used to review and rate individual video frames against chainage and GPS, save images to file and zoom-in to inspect areas of interest. Multiple images can be assessed simultaneously and the road can be ‘driven’ at a rate selected by the operator.

calibration gridAssets collected:

  • Road signs
  • Roadside barriers
  • Median barriers
  • Roadside furniture
  • Guard rails
  • Impact attenuators
  • Delineator guide posts
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