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Hawkeye Software

The Hawkeye software suite for both the 1000 and 2000 Series of products offer a fully integrated solution for data viewing and analysis.

There are three types of software for the Hawkeye range: real-time data acquisition ‘Onlooker Live’ and office-based analysis software ‘Processing Toolkit’ and ‘Data Viewer.’

All software in the Hawkeye suite is Windows based, using the very latest intuitive tools to make analysis of the data an efficient and easy task.

Hawkeye Onlooker Live – Acquisition software

Hawkeye Onlooker LiveHawkeye Onlooker Live software is an interactive and real-time acquisition control interface that is capable of controlling and monitoring all of the Hawkeye systems simultaneously.

The software runs on a dedicated computer in the vehicle or on a laptop based system. The easy-to-use interface features a fully flexible layout that can be customised to individual operator and survey requirements.

The network control interface enables real time results reporting and the flexibility to progressively add new Hawkeye systems without the need for additional software. Additional plug-ins are available to enable advanced operations and can provide advanced mapping systems, real-time IRI calculation and customised QA tools.

Hawkeye Processing Toolkit – Office based software

Hawkeye Processing ToolkitThe Hawkeye Processing Toolkit is a professional office-based data processing, analysis and reporting tool to enable accurate processing of all parameters. The easy-to-use interface features an integrated image viewer and centralized database to review survey data.

The software can be used to review and rate individual video frames against chainage and GPS, save images to file and zoom-in to inspect areas of interest. Multiple images can be reviewed simultaneously and the road can be ‘driven’ at a rate selected by the operator.

Features such as data transfer tools, survey editing tools, video and data viewing/editing, advanced profiling, are among just a few of the ever growing options available for the Processing Toolkit.

Hawkeye Data Viewer – Office based software

Hawkeye Data ViewerHawkeye Data Viewer is an office-based program that enables enhanced assessment of sites to be completed by providing zoom and measurement tools for reviewing processed surveys. By having this visual record, the need for on-site visual inspections is reduced.

You can navigate your way through the Viewer by numerous methods including synchronized chainage, GPS path, reference point or frame number. The benefits of a high resolution digital imaging for asset management systems, include reviewing road pavements, kerbs, footpaths, signs, roadside vegetation, traffic management devices, parks and gardens and many other roadside assets.

Hawkeye Software Screenshots

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