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Hawkeye 2000 Series

The Hawkeye 2000 Series is a professional range of equipment, designed to meet the most demanding of survey applications.

Hawkeye 2000The 2000 Series is a professional and highly specialized range of survey products designed to meet the most demanding survey applications. The modular design of the system enables complete scale ability for future growth and can be installed in a wide variety of vehicles due to its limited requirement of computer hardware.

Once your requirements are established, simply customize the Hawkeye 2000 to meet your specifications. Combined with the Hawkeye range of acquisition and processing software, you have all the tools you need to make informed decisions about your network.

Various Hawkeye 2000 modules are typically installed onto a dedicated Network Survey Vehicle (NSV). The type of vehicle used as the NSV is entirely the client’s choice and is commonly dictated by specific requirements of the project, end user and location the vehicle will be operated in.


  • network and project level road and asset collection surveys
  • routine pavement monitoring surveys
  • roadside inventory and asset management
  • road geometry and mapping surveys
  • contractor quality control
  • road safety assessment
  • airport runway maintenance
The Hawkeye 2000 Series is a modular design, allowing for complete scale ability for future growth.
    Digital Laser Profiler
  • Pavement roughness
  • Rutting (full transverse pavement measurement covering a pavement width of 3 m)
  • Macro-texture – sensor measured texture depth (SMTD)
  • Meets all international standards
    Mobile Line Reflectivity
  • Line marking reflectivity
  • Road-stud reflectivity
  • Line marking mapping
  • Quality assurance
    Distance Measuring Instrument
  • Gear-box-mounted distance measuring instrument
  • Referenced to client’s road referencing system
  • 1 mm resolution/1 mm/m accuracy
    GIPSI-Trac Geometry
  • Provides road geometry and position for complex 3D highway mapping
  • Estimate speed and travel times
  • Advisory signage for road users
  • Locate potential sites for rainfall ponding
  • Conformance to design specifications
    Automatic Crack Detection
  • Network-level pavement condition assessment
  • Accurate quality assessments for contractors
  • Routine pavement monitoring surveys
  • Contract validation
  • Differential global positioning system (DGPS) options
  • 1 Hz collection rate
    Digital Cameras
  • Up to 4 roof-mounted digital cameras
  • 1600 x 1184 high-resolution cameras (asset)
  • 2048 x 1536 pixels or 2048 x 2000 high-resolution cameras (pavement)
  • Compressed .AVI files (0-20x comp)
    Data Acquisition System
  • Integrated data collection system
  • All data collected in a single pass
  • Real-time in-vehicle feedback
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