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Roughometer III

The Roughometer III is a cost-effective, easy to install, portable device that provides objective and repeatable roughness results on both sealed and unsealed roads.

Walking Profiler G3

The Walking Profiler G3 is a high-precision measurement instrument for collecting surface condition information, at true walking speed.

Hawkeye 1000 Series

These portable laser profiling and digital imaging systems are designed for convenient mounting and relocation onto most types of passenger and light commercial vehicles. They provide the perfect solution for smaller- scale surveys and road safety applications.

Hawkeye 2000 Series

A complete range of survey products that allow for future scalability and growth, designed to meet the most demanding survey applications: Digital laser profiling, Automatic Crack Detection, Digital Imaging Systems, Gipsi-Trac road geometry and mapping and Data acquisition and processing software

Hawkeye Software

The Hawkeye software suite for both the 1000 and 2000 Series of products offer a fully integrated solution for data viewing and analysis. There are three types of software for the Hawkeye range: real-time data acquisition ‘Onlooker Live’ and office-based analysis software ‘Processing Toolkit and ‘Data Viewer.’ All software in the Hawkeye suite is Windows based, using the very latest intuitive tools to make analysis of the data an efficient and easy task.

Hawkeye Insight

Hawkeye Insight is a web-based viewing tool that enables the visual assessment of collected data, in a simple, user friendly format

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